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To enjoy listening to and download files with no more daily limits you now have two different subscription levels to choose from: each level has different benefits.

Friend level (click to enlarge)

- Unlimited MIDI (no daily limits)
- ZIP/MIDI collections (no daily limits)
- PDF / Sheet Music collection (includes 400 dpi PDF/ZIP files) (no daily limits)
- 1+ GB of band width to download files when you wish and with no daily limits! (more)

[*] More about our MIDI, PDF & ZIP files.

Academy level (click to enlarge)

The same benefits of "Friend" level plus:
- The XL ZIP Archive: contains 17,326 .mid files (95+% of site content) in 1 file (108 MB)
- The Unique PDF/ZIP Archive: contains the complete classicaland e-book collection (1297 files)
- Unlimited band width to download files when you wish and with no daily limits! (more)
- 55 CD's in MP3 files (quality: 128 kbps cbt/vbt or superior)

[*] More about our MIDI, PDF & ZIP files.
[*] More about our MIDI/ZIP PDF/ZIP collections.

Other benefits common to all levels (click to enlarge)

- The MidiNotate Player for OnClassical - Converts MIDI to Sheet Music
- The Ringtones Converter - Converts MIDI into RingTones
- The Carissimi / kunstderfuge poster - A poster in PDF where classical composers are represented.



° The value of the purchased band width decreases, of the exact amount of the file-size, each time you listen or download/saved or even click on a .pdf and/or .zip file (not the .mid file). For example: if you click on a .zip file which is 1 MB in size, your bandwidth will decrease of 1.500 - 1 = 1.499 MB.

MB = megabytes // GB = gigabytes



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By subscribing to the site you know that you only pay for the service to download not for the files; you then declare to use the files for your own private enjoyment not for public or commercial activities (read full terms and conditions).

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Note on the payment and benefits

Subscription is a one time charge only: you will have no periodic (monthly or annual) charges. The personal information you give to the bank (PayPal) is secure, and used for a one-only transaction, and *not* for periodic fees. The subscription allows you to download our files without any limit of time (for example: you may download 100 files today, 200 after say 2 months, 150 after 9 months, 1000 after 15 months...). Please note that the only data we keep on our own database are your name and surname, your email and password, and your IP address. The credit card number and expiry date remain with the bank system (PayPal) and we don't have access to this information. PayPal will not use your card informations to make successive or periodical charges.


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