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File submissions

Scope of submission is publication of classical music in .mid format (possibly standard types) at kunstderfuge.com site (so do not send MP3 files).

  1. Please attach the .mid files writing specifics on the email body (not as attachment!): Composers & Titles with Opus numbers (and possibly Date of Composition or First Pubblication).

  2. Send only works that you have sequences or performed, or of which rights are free (copyleft or public domain).

  3. Send only files after having completed a serie (e.g. Toccata e Fuga): no separate movements, please.

  4. Please rename your file names as:


    Where the first number [3 in this case] is the progressive number (the third ballade, the third symphony...), the second number [99 in this case] is the opus number, the last number is the movement number. Keep attention to not use spaces in the file-name or add notices as key signatures, instruments, movement names, opus/bwv/hwv/hob... labels. Good file names can be:


  5. Write Your Complete Name in the body of the email (you will find it on our contributors-thank-page linked to your personal webpage, if you wish).

  6. Please be sure your files sound well and you have edited them for last (consider, we usually select the best files: we are not very selective but sometimes we are forced to exclude files because not well realized, or incomplete or of which copyright info is not clear).

  7. Please, do not zip your files: MIDI's are light and our internet connection is fast. :)

If you submit .mid file(s)

  1. You implicitly declare to be agree with our Terms and Conditions.

  2. If number of files you submit are consistent, ie. 100 files or more you are free to ask us a free subscription.




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