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Kunst der Fuge / kunstderfuge.com (KDF) is a web resource of classical music in .mid files (see M.I.D.I. / MIDI / .mid).

Affiliated to OnClassical - an Italian e-label devoted to classical music recordings - kunstderfuge.com is the major resource of its kind, with its 19,300 .mid music files, c. 1000 composers represented, over 200 contributors (some of whom have an exclusive contract with the label), and an average of 5,000 visitors per day.

The music at kunstderfuge.com is easily organized by composer (from Abel to Zipoli), and the major musical figures have pages devoted to their works. The collection also contains traditional folk music, Medieval and Renaissance music, sacred music and a catalogue of historical piano rolls by notable pianists of the Golden era (read more).

Founded in April 2002, kunstderfuge.com continues to provide each visitor with free daily access to five files, and since 2008, has enjoyed  Creative Commons by licensing part of its collection.

The site brings together milions of amateurs, engineers, professional musicians, and thousands of subscribers who share the same passion for MIDI and classical music. Kunst der Fuge also a point of reference for dozens of neglected MIDI sites, giving them both a new life and hosting them in a more popular home.

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Why the name: Kunst der Fuge? The name derives from Art of Fugue. The site started as a humble homage to Johann Sebastian Bach's masterwork The Art of Fugue and the fugue form.




Prior to use this site consider that every file here contained is subject to copyright.


In particular, referring to .mid files:

  1. we put the name of the copyright/left holder just below each file description, preceded by the symbols or (cc) or similar;

  2. each file contains a special secret line that cannot be deleted where the copyright name is registered;

  3. for any non-personal, public or commercial purpose you need to understand and respect our Terms and Conditions.



Discover the collection!

Our MIDI files (click to enlarge)

kunstderfuge.com (kunstderfuge.com) website contains the greatest and best well-ordered MIDI resource of free classical music ever created on the web.

The collection contains 19,300 music files in .mid format.

The files:
- are selected by professionals from amongst the best available (no bad copies);
- are ordered using full file-names which include author, piece and contributor (owner of file);
- are 100% legal, and we hold all the permissions from copyright holders to publish them on our site;
- contain complete and full length music - not spots.

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Our ZIP files (click to enlarge)

kunstderfuge.com site has the ZIP collection of MIDI files on the web.

Each ZIP collection:
- is subdivided per composer or item (Polish music, Masses...). Some great composers are also subdivided on more ZIP files (see for example Bach and Beethoven...);
- zipped size is approximately 1 mbyte or less and contains several .mid files (certain collections contain even over 500 files!);
- are ordered using full file-names which include author, piece and contributor (owner of file);
- are 100% legal, and we hold all the permissions from copyright holders to publish them on our site;
- contains complete and full length MIDI files - not spot files;
- (may) contains more files than those published on the site.

The XL ZIP Archive (click to enlarge)

The XL ZIP archive is a unique (extra) large archive in a convenient zip file (compressed folder). The XL ZIP Archive contains thousands of MIDI files in perfect order, ossia, the complete kunstderfuge.com exclusive collection. For its quantity and quality, the XL ZIP Archive is the only, authorized and legal exaustive collection of classical music in .mid files world wide!

The downloading of this collection may allows you to save hundreds if not thousands of hours spent at the computer and to immediately enjoy the files in the way you prefer.
This collection is ordered very well and all files have been previously selected. We have also taken the care to rename the files in a clear way so that the indentification of a music piece is very easy and fast. Files are mostly arranged in order by composer (one subfolder for each major composer and a large subfolder containing the minor composers); we also separated the sequences from the live recordings (both on MIDI support), and separated folders are dedicated for piano rolls, hymns, tunes, etc.

Downloading of the XL ZIP Archive is subject to subscription (Academy level).
Last update: 17,425 .mid files (for a total of 365 MB in 358 subfolders).

Pics of the files includes on the XLZIPA: 1, 2.

[*] Go to: ZIP page.

The Unique PDF Archive (click to enlarge)

The Unique PDF Archive is a unique .zip file containing the whole classicaland.com content in .pdf files for a total of c. 1,000 files, 675 mb! Please read this page for more detailed info. Downloading of the PDF Archive is subject to subscription (Academy level).

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The kunstderfuge.com MP3 collection (click to enlarge)

The kunstderfuge.com MP3 collection is the old music content of the site onclassical.com (recordings of classical music in real audio compressed format).

[*] Read: Content of the album collection.

MidiNotate Player for OnClassical (click to enlarge)

Free for all subscribers the MidiNotate Player for OnClassical is a special version of MidiNotate Player with extra features. MidiNotate Player for OnClassical enables you to view and print your MIDIs easily and quickly!

- Promptly converts any MIDI file to sheet music.
- Lets you see the notes on the screen as the MIDI plays.
- Automatically turns pages.
- Prints the sheet music for the full conductors score, or for individual parts.

Additional features in the OnClassical version of MidiNotate Player:
- Split Hands: to divide a single piano track into RH and LH staves.
- Show/Hide Staves: to view and print individual parts.
- Mute Staves: for example, to practice your muted part with accompaniment.
- Delete Staves: to permanently remove unwanted tracks.

RingTone converter (click to enlarge)

The Ringtone Converter is a software program for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac systems that allows you to add new ringtones to your mobile or cell phone without the need for cables or SMS (text) services. All you need is your phone and this software to add new ringtones (more).

Poster (click to enlarge)

A unique work of Art for our subscribers! The Classical Composers Poster is a unique work of art that includes over 900 composers from Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) to Philip Glass (1937- ) and Frank Zappa (1940-1993). It shows which composers lived when, the names and dates of thousands of compositions, and key events in music history.

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